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Name: Jerremy / Cindy Baptiste
How did you find us?: internet
Date signed: 3/23/2010 2:58:54 PM
Comments: Our prays goes out to Fr Paul family. we know he is in a good place and Brentwood will keep going in accordance with his wishes.
Name: Brian Doucette
Date signed: 3/23/2010 12:22:05 PM
Comments: Thank you so much for your love and understanding . Father Paul you will always live in my heart.
Name: Cathy Ford
From: Makkovik, Labrador
Date signed: 3/23/2010 12:14:01 PM
Comments: May Father Paul rest in peace. Brentwood became a part of my life 10 years ago and I was able to turn my life around. I will never be able to repay what Brentwood has given me. Father Paul and I kept in touch and we've been in touch more so in the last few months. We were writing every week. I feel so lost. Father Paul has guided me for the last 10 years of my life. I would love to be in Windsor this week to say good bye to him but unfortunately I am financially unable to do that. My heart goes out to all of you today. I love you. Cathy Ford.
Name: bernard loyer
From: windsor ontario
How did you find us?: by looking up this site
Date signed: 3/22/2010 5:34:41 PM
Comments: i must say i will miss you father love you always have helped me so much i will not forget you have saved my life thank you so much
Name: Trevor Tynes
From: Innisfil, Ontario
How did you find us?: Alumni - March 6th, 2010
Date signed: 3/8/2010 10:21:31 AM
Comments: I am here for anyone that needs an ear or shoulder. I love Brentwood. I will always work at giving back and being an ambassador of love.
Name: David Lauzon
From: Windsor
How did you find us?: alumni since 91
Date signed: 3/7/2010 12:19:54 AM
Comments: GOD BLESS FATHER PAUL AND FATHER BOB for all their works and efforts.Thank-you from a faithfull friend and follower.Sincerely Love Dave Lauzon
Name: DanaD
From: Windsor
Date signed: 2/10/2010 11:12:45 AM
Comments: I, myself have never gone through Brentwood, But IT is a huge part of my life. Brentwood helped my family GREATLY. After going through Brentwood for the third time, I met a completely new man in my long time boyfriend. I always knew the kind of person he was, but the drinking and drugs took that away from him. After doing the program in the summer of 2009, Brentwood gave me the most amazing person in my life. We are now stronger than we have ever been, He continues to go back to meetings, our daughter goes to youth group, and he he talks to the Alumni's every single day... there is a group of them that have become very tight..I call them ''the boys of the Wood'' They are a part of our extended family and I am greatful for all of them. Brentwood helped give me back the most amazing guy and has changed all of our lives in such a positive way. I wish all people out there knew that this place is a God send, and what it can do for some many families out there. Thank You Brentwood and all the staff, Alumni's and people on program... You are all amazing people... May God Bless u all
Name: Michael Hopkins,Sr.
From: Munsee-Delaware Nation
How did you find us?: internet
Date signed: 12/18/2009 10:35:19 AM
Comments: to all staff and members and Alumni, Happy New Year. I'am proud to say as a result of Brentwood and Father Paul things are good its been 27 years and time flys. will always remember the first day .Take Care
From: pembroke Ontario
Date signed: 12/10/2009 4:46:31 PM
Comments: Hello to all the men and women on program and to all of my alumni friends. Just dropping a note to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a great new good to yourself because that's the way God wants us to you all.
Name: teri kirby
How did you find us?: I am an active alumni
Date signed: 11/28/2009 11:10:21 AM
Comments: Thank You so much for the beautiful evening you put on to honor all the love and commitment to the suffering alcoholics and their families that Father Paul, Jim and Kay Ryan have dedicated so that we the alcoholic could experience the joys and peace and truths that are there for us as we take what they and The Brentwood program the tools we need in order to live a life without shame, blame and abusive behaviors. Thank You all for your acceptance and your teachings and most of all the love and grace filled life I have today
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